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We carry out all logistics from your supplier in any country to your door.

We provide forklifts to move your cargo.

We perform ship mooring service.


About Us

More than 20 years of experience in Foreign Trade and Logistics

We are located in the city of Santos, which has the largest port complex in Latin America. Our team is all formed by professionals in the area in different segments, having worked in the most diverse companies and ports in Brazil for at least 20 years. With this, we have become specialists in solutions for cargo and port services and we want to add our knowledge to your company's logistics strategy in search of better results.


We have expertise in the entire logistics chain, from collecting your merchandise at the origin, storage at the port, customs clearance, to delivery to your warehouse.


In addition, we lease forklifts in Santos and region to move your cargo and we are the best partner of Maritime Agencies and Port Operators offering Ship Mooring service in the Port of Santos.

Reunião da Equipe de Grandes Projetos
Reunião da Equipe de Grandes Projetos 2
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